Cairn Terrier
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 If you are looking for a low-key, gentle dog, then read on! Dilly might be just the dog for you! 

Dilly was a stray who landed in a Pennsylvania shelter in August 2023 and she came to her Blind Dog Rescue foster home in Virginia that same month. 

Dilly is a 12-year-old Cairn Terrier and she weighs 13 pounds. She has a beautiful coat. When she arrived at her foster home, she was missing hair on her back due to a flea infestation but now her hair has grown back. The shelter completed a dental that included extractions but at a vet visit while in her foster home, the vet noted some teeth with concerns, so she had another dental that included 12 extractions. She has 9 teeth left. When she had her dental, she also had two tiny lumps removed – one near her left eye and one on her lower lip. She has mature bilateral cataracts; she seems to be able to see a little. She has a condition called “dry eye.” Her dry eye condition is very mild and she gets ointment (Optimmune Ophthalmic Ointment 0.2%) in her eyes to help keep it under control. She does not mind getting the ointment. Her eye pressures are within normal limits. She can hear. Her heart currently sounds healthy. She is heartworm negative. Her recent bloodwork indicated her ALT is very slightly elevated (just over the normal range) and the vet suggested this be monitored over time although is likely not going to be a concern unless Dilly starts showing symptoms of feeling unwell (she is showing no symptoms of being unwell at this time). In addition, her thyroid was in the low normal range while in the shelter; it was rechecked recently (September 2023) and continues to be in the low normal range so does not require any treatment. She has been very good at the vet, including when she had to have blood drawn. She also did a great job at the groomers! 

There are additional medical issues for Dilly. She has a torn meniscus in her left hind leg. Rarely she may have an awkward gait as a result but generally does well as she moves around. She does not walk quickly though and is not typically interested in doing a lot of walking when outside but does seem to enjoy being outside and smelling the smells. When she first arrived in her foster home, she occasionally had a cough. The vet said her cough is most likely due to a collapsing trachea at the thoracic level; the cause is likely genetic. She should never wear a collar because this could cause additional problems for her trachea; she should always wear a harness. This cough has not been heard again, however, since her first week in her foster home. She also has a mild head tilt to the left which could be due to vestibular syndrome and/or perhaps is due to untreated ear infections prior to rescue; her ear pinnas are scarred which indicate she had perhaps had hematomas removed in the past. Currently her ears look great. She also was itchy for a week or two soon after arriving; a medicated shampoo has been used and the itchiness has decreased. 

Any adopter of any rescue dog needs to be aware that the dog’s past medical history is unknown and it is impossible to predict future medical needs (if any). Anyone interested in adopting Dilly might want to talk with their vet to find out what the issues detailed above could mean for the future. 

Dilly has been an easy-going foster so far! She knows the household routine now. She will mill about near the kitchen counter with the 5 other dogs in the home when it is mealtime or snack time. She is a good eater. She doesn’t mind the leash and now can be guided out of the house and into the yard. This includes going down two steps with guidance from one of her foster parents. She is carried back into the house. Anyone adopting Dilly should expect to carry her most to all of the time on steps. 

She is housetrained; the times she has had accidents in the house were due to her foster parents not keeping on her schedule. She has not had an accident since the first week in her foster home. She sleeps quietly in an indoor pen at night and keeps it clean and dry. 

She doesn’t mind the other dogs in the foster home. She doesn’t seek them out to interact though and generally ignores them. If one of them gets into a bed where she is sleeping, she is fine with that. She also ignores the cat. 

She enjoys “sofatime” at the end of the day when her foster parents and all the dogs get on the sofa to relax and watch TV. At first, she wanted to get off the sofa right away but now she knows the routine and immediately relaxes and takes a nap. She likes attention from her foster parents but does not seek it out. She especially likes her back scratched. Her foster parents have not heard her make a sound yet except she may softly snore when sleeping. She can be anxious, though, when riding in a car and definitely needs to be crated or tethered for her safety. 

Dilly has not spent time around children and would not be a candidate to be adopted into a home with young children. She has never growled, snapped, or bitten, but she would likely be easily startled by young children who often move quickly and unpredictably. 

Dilly is looking for a loving home to spend the rest of her life. If you think you can give Dilly the home she deserves, fill out an application today! Remember a transport can be arranged (within a reasonable distance) at no cost to the adopter.
About me
Sex:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes 

Breed:  Cairn Terrier
Mixed Breed:  No

Age:  Adult
Date of Birth:  August 4, 2011

Weight:  14 lbs.
Size when grown:  Small

House trained:  Yes
Good with other dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes
Good with children:  Dilly has not been around children and would not do well in a home with young children because she is easily startled.
health information
Heartworm Test:  Negative
Vision:  Has some vision
Cause: Bilateral mature cataracts
Notes:  See description
Currently fostered in Fairfield, VA
Transportation is available.

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