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BDRA has set up an account with Cuddly to raise funds specifically focusing on our dogs with significant medical bills. All the money raised from Cuddly goes directly to our rescue. Donors can can give monetary donations and/or gifts from a dog’s wishlist!

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CUDDLY:  Featured Dogs from BDRA

CUDDLY helps give all animals a healthy life and a loving home. We enable animal rescues to create fundraisers and wishlists to support animals in their care. Through CUDDLY, animal lovers can purchase and give in a modern, transparent way.  CUDDLY's mission is to help save as many animals globally through community, innovation, and creativity.  We believe animals often "rescue" us.  And it is our obligation to support those who do not have a voice.

Please consider helping these special dogs by sending a get-well gift from their wishlist, such as delicious food, fun toys, and health supplements. Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible. 

Adonis & Titan

Abandoned Father & Son Suffer with Terribly Broken Teeth and Gruesome Scars
Male | Large | Adults 

Adonis and Titan were found wandering helplessly in rural Kentucky, lethargic, weak, and struggling to survive. Likely victims of horrific abuse, locked up and constrained for an extended time, they are in terrible shape.

This father and son duo were discovered so emaciated, that they were on the brink of collapse. On a stormy night, they sought refuge from the relentless rain. They found comfort in the home of a kind-hearted woman who graciously took them in and alerted our rescue the next morning.

Both dogs are now in the care of one of our fosters. Adonis, around 9-10 years old and blind, and Titan, his loyal 3-year-old son, are recovering from their harrowing ordeal in the warmth and safety of her home. But they need immense help, the mere sight of them tugging painfully at our hearts. Their legs have matching scars where bones once protruded, likely from being immobile for long periods. Their bodies carry additional scars, a testament to their fight for survival.
What’s most concerning, however, is the condition of their mouths, both filled with broken, crumbling teeth. In the initial days at their foster home, some teeth even fell out. Their veterinarian suspects that the injuries are a result of them chewing on chains or a metal cage in a desperate attempt to free themselves. The extent of their dental issues is so severe that it cannot be addressed in a single surgery. This will result in a deeply high expense for our rescue. But these procedures are crucial to relieve them from their agonizing pain and jumpstart their path to recovery.
Despite the agony and suffering, Adonis and Titan show no signs of resentment or aggression. Their painful past doesn’t overshadow their friendly and loving nature towards everyone they meet. These precious pups deserve to live free from pain, where they can finally experience comfort and safety in a forever home. And we are determined to stay by their side every step of the way, but we cannot do so alone.

Please consider donating today to help this father and son recover fully so that they can find a loving home. By making a monetary contribution or purchasing a much-needed gift from their wish list, you are greatly making an impact in their precious lives. Thank you so much.

Handi needs your help

Female | Small | Senior | Grey

Handi still needs your help! 🙏 Handi, a 15-year-old, 7-pound schnauzer/yorkie mix, found herself in a Pennsylvania animal shelter after her owners could no longer care for her. 

Deprived of sight and hearing, she landed in a Blind Dog Rescue Alliance foster home, bewildered and likely traumatized by past neglect. Handi's challenges include lack of housetraining, only two teeth, mammary tumors, anemia, liver disease, and arthritis. Surgery to address her dental issues and tumors is urgently needed, costing over $1600. Despite her medical conditions, she needs ongoing care, including bloodwork monitoring and supplements. With your donation, Handi can receive the vital treatment and support necessary to improve her quality of life, with the hope of finding a loving forever home! Thank you so much for your generosity and for making second chances possible for pups like Handi. ❤


Adorable Cookie
Female | Large | Puppy | Black & White

Cookie, a Great Dane puppy, is all healed up from having her eyes removed and is ready to go to a forever home (after just another nap or 20). She has had a real rough time with those pesky eyes including two ER visits and a costly emergency surgery but has come through it all like a champ. 


Precious Nacho
Female | Small | Senior | Salt & Pepper

Precious Chihuahua Senior Needs Your Help To Live Out Her Glory Years

Meet Nacho, a senior Chihuahua mix, who was turned into a shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Thankfully, the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance stepped in right away and she was brought to her foster home where it was immediately clear she was seriously ill. 

Nacho was taken to the vet and her glucose was so high that she was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition. The vet staff provided intensive care to her and were worried she would require hospitalization to get stabilized but, by the next day, she was starting to improve! She is now on insulin injections twice a day at her foster home and she wears a continuous glucose monitor so her blood glucose levels can be monitored. 

However, Nacho has other medical concerns. She is very thin. While she can hear well, she has bilateral cataracts and dry eye which requires twice-daily medication. She has advanced dental disease. She is not spayed. She has a Grade II heart murmur. She has an abscess on her leg which is being treated with antibiotics. Her initial bloodwork indicated she may have kidney or liver disease or possibly Cushing's. More bloodwork will be completed soon to learn more. Once Nacho has more stable blood glucose and gains weight, consideration will be given to completing a dental and spay. At this time, it would be very risky to do either. 

Other than her health issues, Nacho is settling into her foster home. She gets along with the four other dogs and doesn’t seem to notice the cat. She loves to eat and she has gained weight – she was 7.5 pounds when she came to her foster home and is already over 9 pounds but is still quite thin. She is a little sad she is not allowed snacks since diabetic dogs should just eat twice a day. 

Nacho sleeps quietly through the night in an indoor pen. She is housetrained, although sometimes has an accident because her diabetes is not yet under good control. She doesn’t mind the leash. She likes to be outside to walk around unless it is dark or raining. Then she would rather be inside! She loves attention from her foster parents, and especially loves her head and her belly rubbed. She also doesn’t mind sitting in a lap! She is good with getting her insulin injections and her eye medication. She has been great at the vet clinic!

Nacho is in good hands with the Blind Dog Rescue but she could use your support with donations for her ongoing medical care or by sending a special item from her wishlist. Please help us continue to help sweet Nacho. Thank you so much for your compassion and kindness! 


Sweet Peanut
Male | Small | Senior | Fawn

Peanut is a 12 1/2-year-old Pomeranian who came to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance from an owner who was unable to care for him. 

Several years ago, he was attacked by another dog and as a result, is blind in one eye. He was also kept in a child's diaper most of the time. Peanut's luck changed two weeks ago when a volunteer from Blind Dog Rescue Alliance was able to pick him up and foster him until transport was arranged to his long-term foster home. 

For the first time in a long while, Peanut could feel the grass under his feet and smell the outside air. 

Peanut has been with his long-term foster home for a week now, and he continues to enjoy what life has to offer. He barks, runs as best he can, and has a favorite squeaky toy. He looks forward to meal times and cuddle times and enjoys his very own special treats. He's also working on pottying outside. 

Unfortunately, Peanut also has some medical issues. X-rays show he has back and neck issues likely due to intervertebral disc herniation and vertebral spondylosis, and he's on daily medication for pain and inflammation. He's also been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea, which is fairly mild at the moment, thank goodness, and only causing an intermittent cough. 

Even with his issues, he's a very sweet and happy little boy who loves attention and only wants to be with his human. Thank you to all for keeping Peanut in your thoughts!