Happy Tails!


We love to hear the stories of our rescue dogs who have found their forever families. Thank you to everyone who opens their heart and home to our special dogs.

Sammy (Sampson)

Sammy is doing great - he is my best little buddy. He can solve an intermediate food puzzle. He is so food motivated I thought he would be able to solve it. I think he has graduated to the hard level food puzzles. He loves running outside & barking at the noisy birds & crickets. The picture laying on his back is on my king size bed. He LOVES sleeping in the big bed. After the first time i put him on my kingsize bed to sleep (2nd 

night I had him) - for a week whenever I headed towards my bedroom - he would look at me with this cute little “me too” face (much like in the picture of him on the ottoman) just so I didn't forget to take him to bed. I don't think he realized that's where my dogs sleep!
KUDOS to BDRA & Alyssa (Sammy’s foster Mom) for taking care of my cute little boy before he found his forever home!
- adopted June 2023

Sake is doing great in his new home. He has settled in well with his two “brothers,” he is eating well and all systems are go. Not surprisingly, he is adored by all who meet him, and my kids are particularly affectionate with him. My phone is overflowing with dog pics, but here are a few to give you an idea! Thank you for your work and for checking in on Sake. He is loved, happy, and safe.