Courtesy Posts  

The blind and visually impaired dogs listed below are in shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada. They are listed as a courtesy and are not affiliated with Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. BDRA has not evaluated these dogs, and makes no guarantees regarding the information posted.

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the shelter or rescue directly.


Name:          Liam
Age:               3-4 years
Breed:          Labrador Retriever (and a very handsome one)
Color:           Yellow
Sex:                Male, neutered
Weight:      70#. I put on a little weight this winter. It’s COLD in Harbin
Location:   Currently with his rescue in China. Flying to the US (JFK) March 20th. He will be fostered in the NY/NJ area

Good with other dogs and people: yes
Current on vaccinations: yes
Health: Blind but otherwise healthy
Housetrained: no, but I’m a quick learner
Adoption fee: 850$. Liam’s plane ticket alone to the US is approximately 2000$. His adoption fee helps to offset this cost.

Liam was rescued in China by Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors. Please visit learn more about what these gals do in China. There is currently no protective legislation in place for Liam and other dogs in China. HarbinSHS dedicates efforts to rescuing dogs from the illegal dog meat trade where Liam came from, along with local abuse, neglect, and abandonment cases.

Liam’s adoption application and approval will be through True North Rescue Mission based in NYC.
Adoption application Link:
Liam’s Instagram Profile: shs_adoptables
Facebook Video Link:

Hi there! Liam here. I’m a three year old typical yellow lab. I love food, walkies, cuddles, and PEOPLE…and did I mention food? Oh right. I’ve also heard mentioned I’m “blind as a bat”. I’m not sure what that means but do know I can smell and hear EVERYTHING. So don’t think you can whisper stuff around me without me hearing. Besides people, I also really love dogs! Sometimes I get so excited I just can’t contain myself. The nice people who take care of me here in Harbin, China, yes I speak both Mandarin and The Queen’s English, say I’m playfully mouthy, cheeky, and full of love.

Somehow I ended up in a really bad place in China a year or so ago. I knew it was bad because it smelled terrible and the sounds were so scary. People treated me rough. But then those nice people I mentioned took me away from that scary place. They gave me a bath, lots of love, good food, and a comfy place to sleep. I get to play with lots of other dogs (and it is really fun) but honestly I just want a person or family all to myself and be the center of their world. They took me to a veterinarian who poked me with shots and somehow left my balls there .

There was this thing I kept hearing about with my supersonic ears called “Covid” causing the planes that usually take us to adopters in the US to not fly. So I’ve been waiting here in China trying to be patient and just carrying my leash around imagining my new person, all of my own, on the other end.

Happy happy news! The planes are flying again and I’ve got a ticket to fly March 20th, 2024, to this place called New York City. I can’t wait to smell it! Everyone complains about the food on these things called airplanes but I’m not picky.

Will you be my forever person? I promise to love you back and be the best boy I can be. I can’t wait to meet you. You’ll know me. I’ll be the one hardly able to contain myself with my excitement to meet you.

Sky's the Limit

Name:          Sky's the Limit
Age:               5 months (as of Feb 2024)
Breed:          Cavapoo
Color:           Fawn/White
Sex:                Female, spayed
Weight:      6 pounds
Location:   Bucks County, PA

My name is "Sky's the Limit" a 5-month-old cavapoo weighing in at 6 lbs. I was born blind and my eyes were very painful so they removed them. That has not stopped me from playing, running in the backyard, and learning how to go up and down stairs. Toys did someone says toys "I love toys " I love everyone I meet 4-legged and 2-legged with a wagging wiggly butt. Snuggling is one of my favorite things to do, on laps, on the couch..... well just about anywhere. I would do well in a home with a confident, gentle dog that can help me adjust to my furever home. I am quiet and only bark a little when my foster siblings bark. Older children will be ok but little kids will scare me. I sleep in my crate at night. I am quiet for 6 hours then I need to go out to pee and pooh. Then I go right back into my crate and sleep till my Foster Mom says it is time to get up and play with my foster sister. I have a gorgeous coat that will require regular grooming. I do not like to be left alone but I am working really hard to understand that you will come back and love on me. My foster mom says I am improving. I only whine for about 5 mins but then I go and snuggle with my foster sister. I am quiet till my FM gets home and loves on me. I am 80% housebroken I only have accidents when my Foster Mom is busy and not paying attention to me "Hey I am standing by the backdoor got to go out. I am also working on walking on a leash. It is a work in progress. I have been spayed and UTD on all vaccines. So I am ready to find my furever home. I promise to love you with all my heart. So if I sound like you could love me forever please apply to adopt me. I am located in Doylestown, Bucks County PA so I would appreciate it if you would come to meet me in my home.

Zoe's House,  PO Box 2372, Reading, PA 19608
Kennel License #9117


Name:          Brutus
Age:               @ 3 years
Breed:          Boxer
Color:           Brown/Black
Sex:                Male
Weight:      Large
Location:   Adoption area is MA, CT, RI, NY, NJ, ME, VT, NH, MD, PA

Facebook post:
Please meet Brutus! He is a sweet boy who is visually impaired, but he doesn't let that hold him back! He’s a super happy guy who can quickly become familiar in a new environment. Once he adjusts and learns to navigate his new space, there is no stopping him! Brutus likes other dogs, but can become confused and nervous if the other dog is very vocal or too enthusiastic for his liking. He would do well as an only pet or with a low key female who is gentle and can read his social cues. We do have one very big requirement for his forever home; since he will never be able to see how stunningly handsome he is, you must tell him multiple times a day!

To apply to adopt Brutus, please complete and application on our website.


Name:          Ray
Age:               Adult
Breed:          Beagle
Color:           Tri-color (brown/black/white)
Sex:                Male, neutered
Weight:      Small
Location:   Prairieville, LA

Ray is a sweet, handsome boy. A kind lady took him in from a rural shelter when she realized he would be left outside in a kennel during freezing temperatures. That would have been very difficult for Ray because he’s blind. He’s been vaccinated, neutered, and tested heartworm positive. He's accustomed to being in a crate. He gets along with kids too!!

It’s really pretty easy owning a blind dog. They get around very well

He is currently with Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue. 



Name:          Grundy
Age:               3 years
Breed:          Plott Hound
Color:           Brindle
Sex:                Male neutered
Weight:      63 lbs.
Location:   Milton, PA

Grundy is a gentle, sweet fella, looking for a home where someone will take an interest in helping him build his confidence so he can be the brave boy we are confident he can be.

His biggest challenge is that he has not had many opportunities to experience new things consistently. As a result, he becomes anxious, often walking in circles in response to new experiences, but he does work through it and relax. We are confident that with more direction and confidence building, circling would not be Grundy’s go to response.

The potential is easy to see in Grundy. He clearly feels different textures with his paws to determine where he is and maneuvers his environment quite well, despite his blindness.

Grundy is an extremely well behaved young dog. He is housetrained, crate trained, and he would do great with a canine buddy. He had a buddy that passed away and it is clear that he misses the interaction he had with his canine friend. A confident, calm dog would be a great buddy for Grundy. He is also cat friendly so he would not be opposed to a feline friend either.

Loud noises do startle Grundy but he does not run, he stops out of fear. Absent loud noises, Grundy loves to be outside running around. In his current home he will actually stop when his paws hit the stone driveway and he will turn around to go back into the grass.

As a puppy Grundy did experience seizures, he is currently on daily Gabapentin and Levetiracetam (costing about $30/month) and he has not had any seizures since around April 2022.

Keeping his doggie belongings and food/water in a consistent place in the home helps him to get around with ease.

By far the most spectacular thing about Grundy is how sweet he is! If you would like to learn more about Grundy, call or text Angie at 570-854-4512 or complete an application here

Grundy is currently located in central PA but 4 Paws Sake PA would be willing to get him to the ideal home, if it were out of state.


Pumpkin is a very sweet and gentle 8-10 year old girl that is in need of a forever home. She has had a very sad beginning of her life and is looking forward to finding out what a loving home is like. Pumpkin was found wandering a field alone in KY, blind and almost starved to death. She was obviously neglected without vet care for quite some time. She is now in a foster home in NY and has gained weight and is getting the care she needed. She is a diabetic so will need injections twice a day (insulin cost is $34 for medicine and syringes which will last over a month).
The injections are easy and she doesn't mind them at all. She is a happy girl who loves all people and school aged kids, she is housebroken, quiet and has learned the layout of her foster home well, she doesn't need a crate, she likes to go for short walks and does perfect on leash, she is perfect in the car.
She would prefer a home as the only dog as she gets alarmed when dogs get in her space as she can't see their body language. She is in foster with a calm submissive dog that gives her space and that works ok. She is so loving and sweet and will be an easy going companion. We love her and she really deserves to find her family!
If you think you could be the one for Pumpkin please fill out an application at

Ozzie & Harriet

Name:         Ozzie & Harriet 
Age:              @ 4 & 6 years 
Breed:         Miniature Pinscher
Sex:               Male & Female, neutered & spayed
Location:  Harford County, MD   

Available for adoption.
Ozzy & Harriet are a bonded pair of min pins that are looking for a loving home together.
Harriet is totally blind. She had to have both eyes removed due to severe neglect. She navigates well but Ozzy helps to lead the way for her. She knows she is safe as long as Ozzy is close by.
Ozzy is around 4 yrs old & weighs 9 lbs.
Harriet is around 6 yrs old & weighs 12 lbs.
They are a happy playful pair that love going on walks & cuddling in bed. They have done well with the other dogs in rescue. They prefer older children due to Harriet's disability.
They are both fixed, microchipped & current on vaccines. Ozzy did test positive for Lyme & has started the traditional 30 days of antibiotics.
Please send us a message on FB or give us a call @667-967-2700 to meet this sweet couple. Humphrey House is located in Harford County MD for meetings.


Name:         Artie 
Age:              11 months 
Breed:         Australian Shepherd mix 
Sex:               Male, neutered 
Location:  Dunlap, TN   

Vet Info:  This is Artie, short for Artemis. Artie is an 11 month old high energy Aussie mix. He didn’t have the best start in life. He was left to just roam around on his own for several months with no discipline or training before being rescued. The rescue fully vetted him, shots and neutering, and he was then accepted in Australian Shepherd Furever.

Dog Info:  Artie is ready for his forever home! Artie is special needs, as he is completely blind. He has done so well in his foster home. Please read what his foster mom has to say about him.
Artie has been in a foster home for the past almost three weeks. He is a lively boy filled with curiosity about the world. He loves the sound of planes overhead and the rustle of the leaves in the wind and the feel of the sun and wind on his face. He is potty trained (but taken out quite often). He loves being in the house with his people and running outside with his two Aussie friends at the foster home. He is also crate trained and rarely puts up a bark about going into the crate. He loves the contents of a full toy basket and will empty it to make sure he shares his attention with each toy. He especially loves a squawking chicken! (Don’t let him take it to bed with him.)He is learning some commands but still needs a lot more training as he is easily distracted.
Oh, and did I mention, Artie is totally blind, since birth, evidently, and that accounts for his easy distraction and eager exploration of the world. He is so engrossed in finding his way and finding new things that trainers must be patient with him. You would not know he blind as he maneuvers around the house and outside. He bumps into things occasionally, but he keeps right on going. He may detect light and movement of shapes. He is definitely food driven and will follow you anywhere if you have treats. I have hopes that Artie will become a very enjoyable and loved family pet as he is not aggressive or reactive in the least and has a soft mouth when playing with toys and loves a good pet and scratch. Artie would do well with a companion dog, preferably a larger dog as he can be a little rough when playing, but Artie is also very capable of entertaining himself with his toys and would do well as an only “child” because he loves his people and wants to be wherever they are. He DEFINITELY needs a fenced yard so he can run and play without veering off in a wrong direction.
He needs that fence, continued leash training as that is a work in progress, a loving human who is patient and can help guide him through the world and keep him safe, and someone who will be dedicated to training him to just be a dog, not a blind dog, just a beloved family dog.
He will love you, and you will love him. He is ready for adventures. Check out Artie.   

If you would like to consider making Artie a part of your family, please fill out our adoption application at the link below.  


Name: Keanu
Age: 3-4 years
Breed: Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd dog mix, 75 pounds
Sex: Male, neutered
Location: King County, WA

Keanu is with Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL). For more information, please connect with them at:
Adoption Application:

From WAMAL: Keanu experienced corneal inflammation followed by rapid onset of blindness. WAMAL had diagnostics performed by a veterinary ophthalmologist who diagnosed him with Uveodermatologic Syndrome, an auto-immune disease. Sadly by the time he was surrendered to WAMAL, the ophthalmologist said that there would be no hope of restoring his vision. Since he was to be blind no matter what, WAMAL ultimately proceeded with enucleation surgery so that his inflamed corneas would not continue to bother him, and he would not later face painful glaucoma which is typical in cases where enucleation is not performed. So far he has not shown significant dermatologic symptoms of the disease; the ophthalmologist said that in many cases those symptoms either never emerge or are purely cosmetic (depigmentation), so the hope is that Keanu will not need a lifetime of steroids and immunosuppressants. He's adapting well to being blind, and now WAMAL just needs to find him a furever home that can meet his special needs. He needs an understanding family who can assist him with adjusting to this big change in his life.
Keanu walks well on a leash, but slowly, relying on his human to help guide him. He enjoys the outdoors, sniffing the fresh air and listening to the neighborhood sounds. If he had a fenced yard, he could learn to explore it on his own and gain some of his old life back.Keanu is also perfectly happy to sit by you all day long, cuddling, and getting belly rubs. Wherever you are, he is eager to be there beside you.This guy deserves a caring furever home!More about Keanu:

  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Heartworm negative tested 2/2023
  • Good with dogs/Good with kids/Good with adults: All
  • Reaction to new people: Friendly
  • Good with: everyone he's met - people, kids including babies, male/female dogs, large/small dogs, even cats (this is very unusual for malamutes!)
  • House trained
  • Has special needs
  • Adoption fee: $500
  • Birth date: 6/15/2020 (not exact)
  • Color: Black with White
  • Activity level: Moderately Active/Moderate energy level/Exercise needed: Moderate
  • Yard required/Requires fence: Any Type
  • Has Basic Training
  • Owner experience needed: Breed
  • Likes to vocalize: Some
  • Grooming: Moderate
  • Housetrained: yes

    Bite history: None
    Behavioral history: No known issues. Keanu is crate trained, and hasn't shown separation anxiety or resource guarding. Seems to be adapting well to blindness and his spirits have improved considerably after enucleation since his inflamed eyes are no longer constantly hurting him. Even while he was in pain was still a sweetheart.
  • Adoptable in Washington or Oregon


Name:              Gizmo 
  Age:                  4 years 
  Breed:             Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix, 14 pounds 
  Sex:                   Male, neutered 
  Location:      Bridgeton, MO    

Gizmo is with All About Paws Rescue:

Dog Info:  My name is Gizmo, but I also come to “Gizzy.” I'm a very handsome 4 yr. old 14 lb. Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix. I am very low key, and have a personality that just goes with the flow. I’ve been struggling with my eyes since I came here a few months ago. After going to the eye doctors several times, it appears that nothing can be done to make my dry eyes better. Those taking care of me have opted to remove my eyes, and for the first time I am pain free and can enjoy living. My foster mom says I am amazing, and very brave. I’m certainly not sitting in the corner, feeling sorry for myself! I’m adventurous and am checking out everything, not being concerned at all when I bump into a few things. It is slowing me down a little, but certainly NOT stopping me! I’m jumping up in the big rocking chair with foster mom and the K9 kiddos, and working my way to the best spot in the chair and grabbing those love pats and giving lots of grateful, slobbery kisses. I’m feeling better with every passing day and my life is very happy. I sleep in a large crate at night with lots of blankets and stuffed animals and hang out on the deck with all the other pups, just sunning myself. I get along well with the other foster doggies, and would do fine in a home with other dogs and kiddos that are dog-savvy, ages 10 and over. I would appreciate having a home with only a few steps, and a wonderful back yard for me to play safely in. I’m doing well with potty training and will be working on walking on a leash.

Vet Info: Gizmo is up to date on all shots, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative, microchipped, de-wormed and is neutered.

From his rescue:  Gizmo’s adoption fee is $325.00. Out of state adopters are responsible for arranging transport. WE DO NOT SHIP DOGS. If you're looking for a very sweet and lovable boy to join your family, please fill out an application on AAP’s website.


Name:              Tyler 
  Age:                  Approx. 3 months 
  Breed:             Boxer/Labrador Retriever, 12.2 pounds 
  Sex:                  Male, neutered 
  Location:      Berkley Heights, NJ   

Tyler is with Home for Good Rescue: 

To see Tyler’s profile and additional photos:

Find us on Facebook at    

Dog Info:  "Hi everyone!! My name is Tyler. I am a 2-month-old Boxer/Labrador Retriever mix and I currently weigh about 8lbs. Everyone tells me that I am blind. I am not sure what that means because I have so much fun all day long so it must not affect me. I love to play with my canine, feline, and kid friends. Sometimes I bump into my friends or into some walls but I am really good about trying to learn my new environments to figure out where I am going. Once I know where you are, I am ready to play! I love to listen to all kinds of sounds and will even try to follow you wherever you go. Toys are a lot of fun to play with and I hope I can have so many toys at home. I am told that my forever family will shower me with love, treats, and comfy dog beds. I cannot wait to have a dog bed of my own, but even better, I would love my own spot on the couch right next to you. I am doing good with my leash, crate, and house training and hope to learn even more tricks with you. I hope the fact that I am blind does not scare you because it does not scare me! I am so happy you can barely tell. I pride myself on how goofy, fun, and loving I am. I am excited to find my forever family and I am hoping that it's with you! Apply to adopt me today!! 

Vet Info: Tyler is neutered, up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations, and microchipped.

From his rescue:  **Please note: completing an "adoption inquiry" via Adopt-a-pet/Petfinder does not constitute an HFG Dog Rescue adoption application. All adoption applications must be completed on** HFG Dog Rescue is a 100 percent foster-based rescue located in Berkeley Heights, NJ with a sister location, The Almost Home Wellness Center, in Aiken, SC. All of our dogs are rescued from kill shelters in SC + GA and once ready for adoption live in loving local NJ foster homes until they find forever families of their own. Our fosters begin basic training, housebreaking, and leash-walking skills to help pair you with the perfect pup for life! In order to apply for adoption and set up an individual meet and greet with one of our dogs, please visit us at 


Name:        Ray 
Age:             Young Adult
Breed:        Miniature Poodle mix, 17 pounds
Sex:              Male, neutered
Location: Lehigh County, PA

Ray is with Starting Over Animal Rescue.
For more information, please connect with Starting Over Animal Rescue at:
Ray's Profile:
Facebook: and or

From Ray's Rescue: Ray is a young male poodle who was found skinny, unneutered, wandering the fast streets of Allentown. Luckily SOAR was able to help him out, give him extra TLC at the vet, and he is ready for his forever home. He has been neutered, is up to date on vaccines, and is microchipped. He tested positive for Lyme disease. Ray is blind and must be adopted into a home with experience working with a blind animal. He is a wonderful dog! 


Name:  Brownie
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male, neutered
Breed: Dachshund-Terrier mix, 70 pounds
Location:  San Diego, CA 

Brownie is with the rescue The Animal Pad  
 Contact them at: 
 Brownie is on Instagram!  Check here for daily updates:  
 Visit Brownie's online profile and more photos of him at:

Personality: Very sweet and cuddly! He can be picky with who he likes, but once he does, it's set for life.   
Education: Good with bathroom and leash training 
Favorite Activities: Loves walks, playing with toys, cuddling, tug-o-war with foster doggie sibling, carrying and showing off the squeaky toys. 
Looking for: A patient family that understands his blindness and allows him to be himself. No cats and kids please, and a calm dog will be good. He needs an advocate for him. 
Special needs: Has congenital blindness and is more communicative with voices and gentle touch. Needs to see the vet regularly once a year for Grade II-III/VI systolic murmur. If any problems arise, a recheck echocardiogram and blood pressure should be performed. Gets Cytopoint injections to help with his paw allergy management, which range in price from ~$65-135.00 depending on the vet used. 

 The sweetest snacc! Hey guys! I am Brownie and yes, I am as sweet! I am a 4 year old, Dachshund-Terrier mix and weigh 70 lbs. I am a neutered boy. I was rescued from a kill shelter in LA and TAP pawmised me that I have a deserving family out there. I have congenital blindness and am more communicative with voices and gentle touch. I also see my vet regularly once a year for Grade II-III/VI systolic murmur. If any problems arise, a recheck echocardiogram and blood pressure should be performed. I also get Cytopoint injections to help with my paw allergy management, which range in price from ~$65-135.00 depending on the vet used. I have been a totally good boy at my foster home and bathroom and leash trained. I know cues like “right”, “left”, “stairs/step” and “outside”, and I even ring a bell for the bathroom! Being a blind dog could have been challenging but I am receptive to sounds and my loving foster home is helping set me up for success. I can be very particular about who I am friends with, but if you are one of the lucky ones, it will be the absolute best. I am a lil shadow that follows my mama round and get all cuddly when she’s lounging and sitting. Affectionate pets, belly rubs are my love language. I have a calm temperament, but will try to jump up and give hugs when I greet. I do well alone in the house as a free roamer. I am crate trained, but feel much better outside when alone. IF I am not feeling friendly towards someone, I’d rather be left alone as I don't enjoy being coerced with bribes or treats. Because I’m blind, sometimes when I’m trying to sense someone’s proximity, I get very still and stare out into space. I’m not trying to be rude, I pawmise! If you are my chosen one, I will never try to harm you, but if I am not liking someone, we’d rather not sit together. I love my soft and squeaky toys and carry them around like my babies, toss them and fetch them myself. I don't like to share them with other pets and humans. I also prefer being alone while I eat. Being blind doesn't stop me from my fun! I enjoy walks, playing with toys(and digging and burying them), and tug-o-war is becoming my quick fav with my foster dog sibling! Also, with calm and slow intros on walks outside, I love meeting new dogs and I can be dog-friendly. But no cats please, and I haven’t had kiddo experience yet. A loving and patient home with young adults would be perfect, and females are better, but I am learning to trust! Physical touch is my love language and I am a big time cuddler! I am a very affectionate and loyal friend to have. My adaptability will truly blow your mind and you may forget that I’m sightless. I may be very selective, but when I find my person, we are all set! I will do best with a very patient family, without kids or cats. A calm dog will be okay with slow introductions. We could enjoy a moderate amount of activity and short walks. I can be alone at home by myself, but would prefer company rather than loneliness. If you think you can be the yummy crust to my gooey brownie, let’s meet up! 

My adoption fee is $250 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here:     


Name: Polly
Age: Born approx. January 2022
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Pit Bull Terrier mix, medium, 50# 
Sex: Female, spayed
Location: Hopkins County, TX

Polly is with Pet Lives Matter 2. Please visit them on Petfinder at:
Please email if you are interested in Polly!

"I know since she is blind that it will take a special person to adopt her and be able to work with her. She is wonderful with people. She has her own kennel and spends most of the day in her kennel. She does get let out twice daily to be able to roam around, but all she wants to do is to follow me. She is such a sweet dog and just needs more attention than what I can give her. She is such a sweet dog and would make a great companion pet for someone. Once she learns the ropes of a new environment, she will be great. She loves to jump up and wrap her arms around me for hugs, and she knows just how much I care about her. We hopefully will find her a good home."

To view a sweet video of Polly, please visit:

Vet Information: Polly is spayed and up to date with vaccines. Polly is most likely completely blind. Her rescue reports that her overall health is good.

From Pet Lives Matter 2: Polly has been with her rescue since she was a young puppy. She was found in a cow pasture with her sister dog, and a Good Samaritan brought her to Pet Lives Matter 2. They took her in knowing that she was blind, but they feel that they don't have the time or resources to work with her, so they are looking for a great home for her that will be able to give her what she needs to succeed! Polly is an indoor dog confined to one area of the house. She is not housebroken or leash trained. Polly does know that when you tell her no, she needs to stop whatever she is doing. Polly is a very inquisitive girl, and she loves people. Polly is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. She's never shown aggression to a person or another animal. Polly does not have a bite history. Her rescue feels that she should be able to adapt well to new situations and surroundings despite her blindness. 
"Characteristics: Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Playful, Smart, Protective, Brave, Curious, Independent, Loves kisses 

PLEASE CONSIDER POLLY IF YOU JUST WANT A GREAT COMPANION THAT WILL LOVE YOU UNTIL THE END! ALL ADOPTION FEES WAIVED TO THE RIGHT HOME. Others tell me to "euthanize" her as she is probably not adoptable, but that is not true. She is very adoptable to the right person who will take the time with her, just as if she had her sight. Please help Polly! Polly is a very loving pit mix baby who just needs someone who is experienced in working with blind dogs. She needs to be in a home with an adult(s), no other animals and no children please. Polly is very smart, and even though she is blind, she learns her way around very quickly and does know how to use a doggie door. It took her less than 2 hours to master the "finding" of the doggie door and being able to go in and out as she pleases. She will learn her way around quickly and will not have to be guided if inside a home (once she learns her bearings). Polly so desperately needs a good home and someone to love and play attention to her. Here is her story: Polly and her sister (adopted months ago) were found in a cow pasture. Polly was sitting in the middle of the pasture just looking around, there was a big black cow just staring down at her. The person who saw the cow knew it was looking at something but didn't know what, so he walked into the pasture to see. Lo and behold, there was little Polly just sitting there staring. He picked her up, found her sister not far from her and called me to see if I could take them in, so I did. At the time I did not know that Polly was blind. She was only about 3 lbs when I got her, and could not see at all. Her mouth had been damaged somehow, when I took her to the vet the vet stated that she had been "hit" or had some sort of blunt force trauma to her mouth (there was a huge hole in her upper gum). We did not do surgery at that time as the vet said it may heal up on its own, and it did. Polly is a super loving pup, but she is blind and CAN NOT be around other pets, or children. Unfortunately, she has to be kenneled alone and does not get the attention she fully deserves. She needs a home with someone who can love her and guide her to her full life, not to have to live out her life in a "kennel" with little interaction. If you may be this person please contact me by phone or email. 214-334-9308 Lee Martin, Pet Lives Matter 2 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE"

Trooper & Oscar - bonded pair

Name: Trooper
Age:    3.5 years
Breed:  American Staffordshire Terrier  , large
Sex:  Male, Neutered
Location:  Gallatin, TN

Trooper's bio & additional pics: 

Name: Oscar
Age:    Info Pending
Breed:  Info Pending
Sex:  Male, Neutered / Intact - Info Pending
Location:  Gallatin, TN

Oscar's bio & additional pics: pending

It has been decided that Trooper and Oscar will be adopted out as pair. Trooper and Oscar are in the same foster home and have formed a very close relationship while in foster mom's care. Trooper has become Oscar's eyes and confidence. Oscar has become Troopers best buddy. Please watch out over the next few days for the full bio on Oscar. He will continue to evolve as he builds confidence, but you can't put a timeline on when a rescue dog will feel fully confident. 

Foster mom can say with confidence, it would be best that Trooper and Oscar go to a home with no other dogs as Oscar does exhibit anxiety when around multiple dogs. They both love other dogs, but the anxiety is apparent; the more dogs the more chaos and Oscar is trying to learn the world without sight, so he gets very nervous, even when Trooper is with him. This could be a temporary reaction but as of now, that will be the request. Foster mom will continue to work with Oscar in regard to being around more dogs but in the meantime, we can only provide a bio based on what we know today and adjust as he adjusts. Foster mom would like to have an adopter that is also familiar with blind dogs.   

VET INFORMATION: Trooper was hit by a car, couldn't walk and left for dead in someone's yard; he was eventually picked up by animal control. Battle for the Bully pulled him from the euthanasia list the day he was scheduled to be euthanized. That's when his new journey started.
Trooper went through an extensive surgery to repair his back limbs and hips. He is now able to walk, even run and play. However, he will need to be kept lean and exercised to ensure the muscles continues to strengthen.

DOG INFORMATION: Trooper is well balanced; a laid-back guy but will get spunky and want to do zoomies 1-2 times daily. He loves to lay in the sun, go for walks, car rides, play with his toys, watch DOG TV and enjoys his peanut butter kong and lick-mats. He also loves to lay with you on the sofa and cuddle. However, he will get feisty and want to hop and play with you too. His personality is bigger than he is! He is enjoying and loving life now that he has his mobility back. He is just missing one thing, his forever family. He is hyper focused on cats, so NO cats. We would like for him to be in a home without small kids. NOT because he doesn't get along with them, but due to his backend. Although he is completely healed, we would like to protect him from any possible injuries due to rough play or small children falling on him. Trooper does play well with other dogs and takes social queues very well. Trooper does get rough at times and is a very vocal player. He would need a low-medium energy dog that will not react to his vocal play or become reactive if Trooper gets a bit rough. He does take correction well from other dogs, as well has his human when playtime is being monitored. He has not been tested with small dogs (dogs smaller than him). Although Trooper tries to get rough, there is a balance that will need to be maintained. He would need a dog similar to him in size, and one that don't rough play in a way that would jeopardize his backend. Ex. running in to him full force, jumping on his back to weigh him down. Trooper needs a human that will take him in and love him unconditionally, despite his few needs due to his back end.

1. No small kids due to them falling on him.
2. No major rough play; be conscious of his backend.




Name:    Ava 
Age:       8 Months as of June 2023 
Breed:    Pit Bull Terrier & Terrier Mix 
Sex:        Female, spayed 
Location:  Effort, PA
Ava is with Kindred Spirits For additional info and pictures:
For more information, please contact Kindred Spirits at  

Vet Info:  Ava is up to date on her vaccinations and spayed. She is blind.   

Dog Info:  Ava is a blind 8 month old pittie mix. She was rescued from a family in the midwest that was unable to care for her. She is a playful loving and friendly pup. She will require a secured fenced yard and a family that is willing to love and take the time to train her.

Please email for an application:  

Thelma & Louise

Name:    Thelma (top photo) and Louise (bottom photo) they can be separated
Age:       Born approx. September 2022
Breed:    Catahoula Leopard Dog, currently 50 pounds, medium/large dog when fully grown
Sex:        Female, spayed
Location:  Sarasota County, FL

 Thelma and Louise are with Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary (EARS)    For more information, please contact EARS at

For a sweet video of Thelma and Louise, please visit:

"Hello.  We would like to introduce ourselves.  We are sibling Catahoula Leopard pups: Thelma and Louise.  What makes us special?  We were born blind.  But, we don’t really know what blind is because we have never had vision.  We are like most pups, playful and full of energy.  We manage just fine with our hearing and scent and the help of our foster mom.  She keeps everything consistent and introduces us to new areas slowly until it becomes familiar territory. We have a fenced yard, so we can play outside safely and play we do!  Although we have a lot of fun together, we think a new doggie friend that has vision would be a great help—to keep an “eye” on us, so to speak.  Being blind does not diminish our desire to have a deep and loving relationship with our human being.  Do you want to give it a try?"EARS took in Thelma and Louise at the age of five months when their breeder could not sell them because they are blind.  They are searching for forever homes for these lovely girls!

Vet Info:  Thelma and Louise are up to date on vaccines, spayed, and microchipped.  They have tested heartworm negative.  Both Thelma and Louise are on monthly Revolution to prevent heartworm disease. The girls were born completely blind. 

Dog Info:   Thelma and Louise are indoor dogs with the run of the house.  They're housebroken and leash trained.  They know the cue for Sit!  While the girls can be shy, they are good with people of all ages and male and female dogs.  They are in a foster home with two other dogs and two cats.  Thelma and Louise's rescue tells us that they are a bit defensive when first meeting a new dog but warm up quickly with a slow introduction.  They can be a bit snippy when first meeting a new dog if introduced too quickly.  Thelma and Louise adapt well to new situations and surroundings despite being blind.  Once they get used to new people, animals, and places, they settle in nicely.  EARS believes that they would do best in separate homes as they are young and rambunctious. 


Name:  Charlie
Age:  Adult
Breed: Terrier mix
Size: Medium, 30 lbs.
Sex:  Male 
Location:  Roseville, CA

CHARACTERISTICS: Friendly, Loyal, Gentle, Smart, Couch potato, Affectionate, Playful
HEALTH: Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered, special needs.
GOOD IN A HOME WITH: Other dogs, cats, children, other animals. Birds.

My name is Charlie and this is my story…I am blind most likely from injuries. I was found starved and tied to a pole unresponsive. They first thought I was dead when they found me.  I can’t remember how long I was tied there with no food or water. I gave up.. laid down.. and started to let the life leave my body..
I was found by a nice animal control officer with the Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento and taken in to the shelter to save my life. I was so scared in the shelter with all the noises and me bumping into things. But one day a nice lady volunteer came to my kennel and just cried looking at me. She knew she had to get me out of there. She took several videos showing people what my life would be like if I was left in the shelter (bumping into things, shaking, scared, all alone and sad).  
She found me two wonderful fosters who took good care of me. My foster moms say I am quite the character and I don’t let my blindness from stopping me explore. I live in a house with other dogs (I like dogs that give me my space and I give them theirs because I can’t see and don’t know if they will try and hurt me). One of my foster moms had a cat and 5 kids too. I loved playing with the kids and snuggling with them. I loved being held like a baby and being told how much they love me.
I have no problem finding my way to the couch and getting cozy!  I am house trained but needs outside time often. I will find my way into a crate if provided a smaller room or pen area in which to move about, but I don't like the crate to be closed (it scares me that I will be confined and left for dead again, but if you leave the door open I will hang in there happily). I am a big love!!

I am fostered in the Sacramento area.  Charlie is with Martina Animal Rescue in Roseville CA.  Please email
 or call (510) 390-4330 if you're interested in Charlie.  Thank you. 


ID: AO55061
Sex: Male, neutered 
Breed: Pitbull / Cattle dog mix
Age: estimated 1.5 years
Size: 51 pounds

Available now.  Contact : Calaveras County Animal Services (209) 754-6509 or
Lou is a special needs dog:
He  was hit by a car and now has limited vision.  He walks confidently outside on leash, and can navigate a room comfortably.  His nose is his primary sense.  He is also guided by our voices.  As Lou's vision is new to him, he can be unsure of other dogs.  He may work best as an only dog, but when introduced properly, we might find that he enjoys company.  Older children only since he can startle at anything unexpected. Lou is friendly with all strangers, and likes to get massages..


Name: Finn 
Sex: Male, neutered 
Breed: English Bulldog/Boxer mix
Age: estimated 1+ years
Size: Medium under 50 pounds

CHARACTERISTICSFriendly, Affectionate, Smart, Loves kisses
HEALTH: Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Say hello to sweet Finn. He’s a little over 1 year old, he is a bulldog mix. Finn is a special needs boy as he has no sight in one eye and limited vision in the other. Finn was surrendered to a PA rescue because his owner found herself without a home & was unable to treat his medical issues. Finn’s vision issue was caused by either trauma or an infection, we don’t know.
Finn needs to be an only dog, no exceptions but he LOVES cats! He is very food motivated and an extremely quick learner. He would do best in a quiet home where there are few or no stairs and a fenced in yard is a huge plus! No small children as due to his vision, he may frighten easily. Finn is housetrained and loves car rides. He also loves to sleep on a nice, comfortable couch next to you. He has no other health issues. Finn is not a barker and he’s a small guy, weighing under 50 lbs.
Finn has had a rough start in life, he deserves a home where he is spoiled and loved. Can you be the home for him – let’s make this coming summer the best for sweet Finn!
Finn is being fostered in Camp Hill, PA. Please be sure you have an application on file before you contact us and include a phone number in any correspondence.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Please email or or if you're interested in Stevie Wonder!  
Please note that we will ask for a vet reference.
For a video of Stevie Wonder, please visit:

Name: Stevie Wonder
DOB: 7/22/2022
Breed: Feist (a small hunting dog, descended from terriers)
Size when grown: Medium, 20-25 lbs. 
Sex:  Male, not neutered
Location:  Pike County, AR

Vet Information: Stevie has had 2 distemper/parvo vaccinations since the rescue is able to administer those vaccines.  He has not had a rabies vaccination. Stevie has not seen a vet, been heartworm tested, or microchipped.  His rescue thinks that he may have some vision but it is limited. 

From Stevie Wonder's Rescue:   Stevie was born to a mother who came into his rescue as a stray.  She is a medium sized dog, and his rescue believes that is what he will be. They feel like he would do better in a home with someone that can help with training a dog that is vision impaired.

Stevie is an inside dog that is crated. He is not housebroken or leash trained. He doesn't know any commands and has not had any training.  Stevie is described as being outgoing, good with men, women, and teenagers. He might be fine with smaller children, but he is a puppy who likes to jump when he gets excited. Stevie is good with other dogs, but he has not been around other animals. He is not possessive of toys, treats or food and has never snapped or bitten anyone.  His rescue feels that Stevie would adapt well to new situations and surroundings despite his blindness because he's a happy dog that wants to play and be around people.  His rescue tells us that Stevie is a very sweet boy that is a very active puppy.  They believe he'd benefit from a home that can dedicate time to training and socializing him.

His Rescue Would Like You To Know:  "He would love to play with other dogs.  He's very sweet but needs some training. I have to keep him crated because I have other dogs in my rescue, and I don't want him to get hurt. I believe he has some vision if you are very close to him."

Rescue Information:  Stevie Wonder is with Dime's Legacy Animal Sanctuary  and


For a video of Apollo from chain to freedom, please visit:

Please email or message
 if you are interested in Apollo!
Name: Apollo
Age: between 2 and 3 years old
Breed: Mastiff mix/unknown
Size: Large, approx. 90#
Sex: Male, neutered
Location: Hawkins County, Tennessee

Vet Information: Apollo is neutered and microchipped. He has tested negative for heartworm. Apollo has been to a veterinary ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with 'suspected corneal dystrophy, both eyes'. This is likely genetic. He is partially blind but worsening. He has some vision but his eyes seem to be getting more cloudy. He can jump on/off the deck and run up/down the steps now. However if a new obstacle is added he often runs into it but then learns to go around. Otherwise, Apollo is healthy. He does well when he visits the vet.

Rescue Information: Last summer, Apollo was found abandoned and on a chain with another dog and puppies who have since been adopted through A Voice For Pets, which is Apollo's rescue. Due to his size and special needs, A Voice For Pets is still seeking the right family for Apollo.

From Apollo's Rescue: Apollo is an outdoor dog with a fenced yard. He's not housebroken, but, if let out regularly, he keeps a clean kennel. Apollo will have 'accidents' if outside time gets delayed. His rescue is working on teaching him the cue for Sit, but he definitely needs basic training. Apollo isn't leash trained, but with use of an EasyWalk harness, he does well on a leash.

Apollo is an outgoing pup who is good with men, women, and teenagers. His rescue uses a kennel set up to allow each dog their own space. Apollo plays with the female Lab next to him through the kennel fence. He and the Lab share toys back and forth under the kennel rail. Apollo socializes with the others through the kennels when out. If they bark at him, he moves on. When new dogs have been put next to him he is often defensive initially through the kennel fence. He may be food protective, but his rescue isn't certain about that. The rescue believes with slow introductions he would be dog friendly, especially with calm females. Since so many of the dogs in the rescue have issues of their own, they have not had the opportunity to directly test Apollo. His rescue would not recommend he be with small animals at this time. Apollo barks at delivery persons but not aggressively.
Apollo's rescue says that he adapted great when he got there, so they believe that he adapts well to new situations and surroundings despite being visually impaired.

His Rescue Would Like You To Know: "We can continue fostering but feel he could benefit in a home environment and more 1:1 teaching/training. He is very sweet. He is gentle when calm but a bit of a 'bull in a china shop' when excited. He has had limited experiences in his life and gets so excited when given attention and playtime. He's like a puppy in a giant body. We love him but he deserves so much more than a 10x10 kennel for a home. He is happy to be chain free though."

Lilly & Mira

Contact info for both: 

Breed:  Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees
Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn - With Black
Age: 1 Year Old, Young
Size: (When Grown) Large 61-100 Lbs (28-45 Kg)
Weight: (Current) 98 Lbs
Sex: Female
Location: Pauls Valley, OK
Good with dogs.
Needs experienced adopter.  Shots current.  Housetrained.  Has special needs 

Meet Lilly, a sweet Anatolian/Great Pyrenees 1-yr old pup. Lilly had a rough start in life. She was dumped on our property, together with her sister Mira, which was pretty traumatizing. Unfortunately, we found out that she’s visually impaired. Even though she can’t see much, it doesn’t stop her from playing with the other dogs in our care. She loves to wrestle, play in the sandbox, or demand some cuddles from us. You can find many pictures and videos of Lilly on our FB page IM DINGO Dog Rescue. Lilly will need a fenced in yard, no children in her home, calm environment, someone who understands her special needs and will be home with her the majority of the time. 

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees
Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
Age: 1 Year Old, Young
Size: (When Grown) Large 61-100 Lbs (28-45 Kg)
Weight: (Current) 95 Lbs
Sex: Female
Good with dogs. Shots current. Housetrained. 

Meet Mira. This is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Mira was dumped on our property, together with her sister Lilly. Unfortunately, Mira was so scared, she ran off before we could secure her. She lived on her own, at 4 months of age, for 17 days and SURVIVED! We named her Mira, short for Miracle. Mira wants to be everyone’s (dog) friend, but always stays close to her sister Lilly. These two girls always smile and enjoy running and wrestling all over our property.

Due to them not being properly socialized, they are both very shy.  They will need a calm environment, with not a lot of foot traffic. They will give you lots of love and even more laughter. They are both dolls!

Are you looking for a low-maintenance pair, please look no further. They truly are a joy to be around.


Name: Keenan 
Age: Senior, 10 years
Breed: Husky mix
Size: Large, 50 lbs.
Sex: Male, neutered
Location: Hardin County, Texas

Keenan is with BFF Pet Adoption. 
Please email if you're interested in Keenan. 

Vet Information: Keenan is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and has had a negative heartworm test. He is vision impaired due to age, and his vision is continuing to deteriorate. Keenan's rescue believes that his vision is very blurred and that he doesn't see much clearly but that he sees movement. 

From Keenan's Rescue: Keenan had been adopted from a shelter in Houston as a pup in 2013 and was surrendered back to them in March 2022. He was pulled from the shelter and taken in by a local rescue, BFF Pet Adoption. Keenan is an indoor dog with the run of the house. He is housebroken and leash trained. He knows the cue for sit. Keenan is an outgoing boy who is good with people of all ages and other dogs. He is not possessive with treats, toys, or food, and he has never shown aggression to people or other animals. He has no bite history. They tell us that Keenan is doing great, but that it was so sad that he was turned in to the humane society in Houston, and they saved him. He would have been put to sleep. He goes out regularly each day. He is cared for, food, water, clean blanket, large yard. He has a good life and is well cared for.
Characteristics: Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Gentle, Quiet, Dignified, Couch potato, Loves kisses
Health: Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered. Good in a home with: Other dogs, children. Prefers a home without: Cats

My name is Keenan and I was adopted from the Houston Humane Society in 2013 as a puppy and in March of 2022, my family decided they could "no longer walk me".(health reasons, perhaps, theirs not mine). So I found myself at 10yrs old back in the care of the Houston Humane Society.A representative from BFF Pet Adoptions was over in there for an event and she saw me and knew my fate, being 10 yrs young. So she asked if she could pull me into BFF and she was allowed to do now I am ready for my "true forever home".I am a sweet boy, no accidents in my kennel. I walk well on a leash, and I just want to live out the rest of my days in the lap of luxury. I have many good years left, so please consider adding me to your family. Seniors are the best..NONE of those crazy puppy antics.

I will do best in a home with NO CATS!!I do seem to have some sight issues and that is no big deal. I do need a home with a tall, secure fence, as huskies are known for being escape artists. Here at BFF I walk around looking up at the top of a 10 ft fence.
I am up to date on vaccines, am neutered and heartworm negative. My adoption fee is $200.00. There is an application process. This doesn't lock you in, it just gets the process started. A home visit will be done."


Name: Trouble
Age: 10 years old
Breed: Terrier mix
Size: 59 lbs.
Sex: Male
Location: Williamsport, PA

Trouble is no trouble!!  He is an independent boy who is happy just doing his own thing.  He is very sweet and loves going for walks. He is visually impaired so he really enjoys exploring the world through scent and touch.  He does hyper-focus on toys to the point where it is difficult to get them back, he may even ignore everything else to try and find the toy.  Trouble should only be adopted by a family with children over age 16, and he needs to be an only pet.

Trouble is with Lycoming County SPCA in Williamsport, PA. Contact info is (570) 322-4646 or  
To see additional information about Trouble click here.
Lenie Lemon, Paws New England

Lenie Lemon

Name: Lenie Lemon
Age: Young, approximately 2 years old
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Size:  45 lbs.
Sex: Female, spayed
Location: Massachussetts

No Cats 
Special Needs 

Lenie Lemon is a very special girl to our rescue who needs someone that either has experience with blind dogs or has the desire to learn more about them. We learned a lot about Lemon recently as she was with a family for two months – while she was not a great match for them (she absolutely despised their cat and made it known), they were able to help us understand her a bit more so we can find her next spot. Prior to her adoption, she had been living in a boarding situation and as such it was nearly impossible to know what she’d be like in a home situation. Lemon is a fast learner who loves snuggling, easily shows her belly when it’s time for rubs. She’s quiet in her crate and will go in to settle. She is great in the car and loves trail walks and does great on them. She loves to play with toys and loves her bones. She’s super affectionate with her person. Some of her challenges are puppy mouthiness and learning to not use her mouth to get what she wants. She can become overstimulated easily so teaching her to settle is a work in progress and will need to continue. She seems to think that most things are hers and may react when you try to take them away from her – we’ve asked her current fosters (she’s in boarding at a trainer) to work on this with her. Her former foster did say however she was showing progress with this and seemed to be gaining ground – for this reason, no children for this girl for now. Obviously, her blindness can lead her to be easily started when approached quickly without warning.
We want this to be Lemon’s last home so will be sure to be careful choosing where she lands. She’s so affectionate that anyone will be lucky to have her! 

12/20 update: Lenie Lemon is still looking for her forever home. Lemon has become comfortable with one of our dogs that we have done slow introductions with. We are working on the other one. She has the full family room as her living area. Each day she is in the full house while we put the cats in a safe room. Lemon crates extremely well. She loves bananas and any treat. Taking a large treat or cookie gently is much improved. Lemon knows many commands and used them all flawlessly at the vet the other day. She walks well on a leash as long as she has a harness rather than a collar. She doesn't try to play tug of war with it when she is in a harness. When we both have to work longer days, we hire a friend's teen to come sit with her, let the dogs in and out and play with her. Lemon loves hide and go seek! She is doing well with clicker training now that we can give her treats more easily. She really just wants to be with you and loves everyone she meets once she can figure out who they are and have a slow meeting to smell them enough. Then she is best friends. 

Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Over 12
Good with Dogs: Has done well with dogs in the past - would need slow intros
Good with Cats: Absolutely no 
Gidget & Pepper, Heartland Rescue Ranch

Gidget & Pepper

Meet Gidget.  When poor Gidget was rescued, she had a double eye infection, which she was treated for.  However the vet believes she will not regain her sight.  The vet said she has corneal scaring.   Gidget is now in foster care and is reported to be doing very well.  Gidget is said to be house broken, good with adults, kids and cats.  Gidget is with Heartland Rescue Ranch, in Southport, Florida. 
For more information on this sweetheart or to adopt her, visit: Gidget is still  looking for her forever home as of 7/6/23 and has bonded with Pepper. Some additional updated information on Gidget: "The brown dog is her best friend, Pepper. They are in a foster home together and have become the best of friends, so ideally we would love it if they would be adopted together. Pepper is visually impaired due to untreated eye infection, blind in one eye and limited vision in the other. We would love for her to be adopted with her ‘service dog’. They are both great dogs! Pepper is about a year old. Very playful. They have both been fostered with dogs and cats. Great with children. Both spayed and vaccinated. Transport can be available.
Brad, My Next Pet


I am blind.
Please contact My Next Pet in the Charlotte, NC metro area.
Brad is still looking for his forever home. Brad was found hungry, weak and injured by rescuers with the Beagle Freedom Project. They mercifully took him in to save his life and cared for him until a foster home with Animal Adoption League was able to commit. After rescue, it was sadly discovered that Brad had not only been neglected, but was also heartworm positive and completely blind. It has been a long journey of recovery for Brad, but he is now thriving in his foster home. He is completely heartworm free and healthy now! Brad is doing remarkably well living the indoor life and loves living with other friendly pets. He not only adores playing with other dogs, but also relies on them for many cues due to his blindness. He definitely needs a kind dog friend in his forever home! Brad is also great with cats and does not react to them at all. He also has been around children as young as 7 and is wonderful with them too. Brad has been working with a professional trainer to learn how to navigate life as a blind gentleman. This has helped his confidence soar as he has learned basic obedience, navigation commands and now loves going on long walks with ease. *His adoption includes a session with his trainer to help him and his new family adjust. Brad is a very special pup who will make a wonderful addition to a home that is dedicated to his well-being and comfort. He is not high maintenance and likes to spend a lot of time cuddling on the couch in a pile of blankets. To meet this handsome guy, please fill out an application:


I am blind
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: One Love Animal Rescue or view her Adopt A Pet page Mount Laurel, NJ

Diva is still in need of a home as of August 2022

Diva is my very special blind foster girl. She entered my life in August of last year and has left a lasting "paw print" on my heart. I was so nervous and scared at the idea bringing a blind dog into my home. I purchased the best-rated raising a blind dog books and did my best to prepare.... but you know what? instructor, teacher and friend was able to teach me everything I needed to know and that was Diva herself. She has been blind her entire 7 years of life, her attitude is "I got this and I will show you" and show me she did. Diva showed me she was very adaptable to a predictable environment, Diva showed me just a few carefully chosen words would keep her out of trouble, Diva showed me that all dogs can be off-leash and MOST IMPORTANTLY Diva has taught me to slow down and listen, there is so much to be experienced through the pleasure of sound.

Diva has her own FB page…/

Many wonderful folks follow and comment on Diva's page and her life as my foster dog. They say "you should just keep her" "she looks so happy". I love Diva. Her perfect forever home is out there. She NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY DOG. I run an animal rescue, there are so many dogs (besides my 4 personal dogs) in and out of my home. She is not comfortable with all the dogs around and just WANTS to be with her "person". I KNOW her PERSON is out there. Her person will snuggle and love her all day long. Her person will embrace the 100% devotion Diva is ready to give. Her person will be open to learning and loving life even more through the gifts Diva has to offer.
When Diva's PERSON arrives, I will cry tears of joy and sadness. I will cry because I will be so overcome with joy that she will get the life she so rightly deserves and sad because selfishly I will miss my dog friend, my early morning cranberry bogs buddy and my end of the day snuggle partner.